Who IS This Nut?

Ever wonder what these crazy people called photographers look like on a wedding day?  What we DO to get our brides and grooms to do what they do?  A few of my 2nd shooters (Thanks to Kelly Cummings and Natalie Spargo!) have slyly captured me doing my thing over the last year and here is the answer…

I grin like the Cheshire cat.  As though I’m having my picture made.

Fairly certain I’m saying something about being sassy here, and posing in case they need a visual aid.We climb up high (even when 38 weeks pregnant if necessary.  Nobody took a picture of that!)And occasionally we even hand off our own camera and take a picture with the wedding coordinator and mother of the bride.  So now I’ve dispelled the mystery.  We wedding photographers are not nearly as dignified as we may seem on the web.


  1. Mary:

    You are so cute!

  2. Richard:

    Now, it’s the photographer on the pictures. =)
    Looks good.

  3. Mark Hayes:

    That’s awesome. I’ve got to start saving some of my second shooters shots of myself someday. It’s just tough since they usually catch me in the most unflattering of ways it amazes me they can get such good photos of the couple. Mmmmm Wonder if it’s just me. 🙂


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