What a Difference 20 Months Makes

Recently I was irritated with my adorable 19-month old because she wouldn’t lay still while I was trying to change her diaper.  As she STOOD on the changing table and leaned against the wall where her initials hang, my anger melted away and turned to brilliance!  I should do a “time-lapse” blog of her in the same place I took her newborn pictures, a few days shy of 20 months ago.  Her actual 20-month birthday (if that was a thing) is today, so you get to see them!  It’s a testament to many things- how she’s grown, how I’ve improved at editing (especially white balance), and how perfect the light is in her room. 


  1. Barbara Gamble:

    What a beautiful, personable little girl! Looks just like a Gamble!

  2. Mary Beth:

    love this! So beautiful!

  3. Amanda:

    Fantastic idea! I might have to steal this one 🙂

  4. lasy:

    Wonderful- such artistic creativity- and such a cutie- I would love to see pics of pvg at 20 months- surely they look like twins:-). xx

  5. Baby Olivia- 6-month-portraits » Je Vois – Birmingham Wedding Photographer:

    […] In my last post, I showed what a difference 20 months makes in the life of a baby girl.  NOW we’ll look at what a difference just 3 months makes!  Little Olivia and I met 3 months ago, at her 3-month portrait session.  She was so cute, just figuring out how to push up with her arms and making googly eyes at her pretty mama.  But just look at her now!  Nearly sitting, rolling over, spitting, giggling, “flying” on her belly… just all around fun.  She’s a precious roly poly baby and I could have played all afternoon. She has a handsome big brother who adores her.  He wanted to play and snuggle and I’m so glad he did!  […]