Twin Baby Boys

This was such a fun session. Possibly one of my favorites, ever.

I was nervous going in. These boys were 5 weeks old, which seems a hard age to photograph. They’re not the little brand-new wads of babies that you can place and position however you like. Yet, they’re not old enough that they’re sitting up or interacting with me or the camera. So, nervous photographer + warm house for naked babies= sweaty lady. However, it all paid off. These images are some I’m most proud of and I hope Mama and Daddy are too!


  1. lasyoung:

    oh-I can see what you mean- these are heart warming & breath taking- what simply gorgeous photos-you captured the depth of soul & beauty so well 🙂

  2. Kate:

    Oh my goodness!! The one with the tear is simply exquisite.

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