The Summers- Family Portraits

There are many, many, many things I love about my job.  Among them is the fact that I am extremely extroverted.  Now that there are two children demanding me nearly constantly, I do require a little downtime, but mostly I like to be surrounded by people.  This particular shoot was fun because I went to high school with both of the Summers adults.  I had only seen them once or twice since high school though.  We still live in the same town, nearly the same neighborhood, but our paths just don’t cross often.  I was excited that Melissa emailed asking about family portraits for them.  What a fun occasion to catch up AND get to know their little girl.

It was also beeeeeea-utiful, so it was a fun excuse to be outside before the weather turned frigid.  Meet the Summers!

Here is where it gets fun.  Little lady Summers has a mind of her own.  The more you tell her to do something, the less she’s gonna.  We did some major reverse psychology.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on the situation, she’s also quite smart and did not fall for the trick very many times.  In this situation, I wanted her to sit down right with her parents.  She wandered around nearby, but not next to them, for a while until she found the perfect spot for herself. I didn’t get the family shot I was hoping for, but I did get to capture this cute little girl in her very own element. 


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