The Perlis Family

Back before it was one million degrees outside, I got to go meet a brand new baby and see a sweet family that I’ve known since the parents were elementary schoolers.  Stephen and Mindy had been together, either dating or married, on the day their daughter Heidi was born.  What a celebration!  Seeing them as adults, as parents, was beautiful.  But what I loved even more was watching them with each other.  They were so amazed by each other and this baby daughter and their family and their relationship.  I loved every minute.  And what better way to end their first professional photo session than with a baseball bat to a peach?Perlis005 Perlis010 Perlis01 Perlis02 Perlis053 Perlis03 Perlis04 Perlis05 Perlis06 Perlis07 Perlisl08 Perlis167


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