The Hogues- Family and 3-Month Portraits

I’ve photographed the Hogue family a few times.  At the start, I admired them and liked Meredy, but I didn’t know them that well.  Now I love them each.  And Meredy has become one of my dearest friends.  Someone I would call to cry or pray when I’m at my lowest.  And someone I thoroughly enjoy encouraging and working through life with.  This session, on an unseasonably warm weekend, was relaxed and fun.  The goal was to get a family Christmas picture and to get baby’s 3-month photos.  I hope you agree that we accomplished the goals!  Look at that huge dimple in the last pair!  I just love dimples.  We had a hard time keeping her hands out of her mouth long enough to get some pictures that show her mouth.  But I LOVE this next series as she discovers her hand as though it’s new all over again. 


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