The Gardner Family- Baby Dedication

There’s a family who I know would adopt me if anything ever happened to mine.  My mom’s best friend, the grandmother (although she looks and seems too young to be called that) of this bunch, asked if I could photograph some of the day her first granddaughter was baptized.  She had three sons of her own and two grandsons before this baby girl came along.  It was an honor to be included on this very special day.  We took a lot of family pictures before the service at Trinity United Methodist ChurchI couldn’t decide which of the next series I liked best so you get them all!The big brothers love their sister SO much.  And while there were no girls before this little lady, there was another grandson AND another granddaughter within a few months of one another.  They were all there to celebrate!I’m sure this bunch can get boisterous, but they all have the same sweet gentleness that their parents do.  I hope to channel a little of it from time to time.  After the service, the family headed back to the honoree’s beautiful house for some family time and food.  And a few more pictures!This next picture just about sums it up. 


  1. Ooba:

    Oh my goodness!! They are such a beautiful family!!

  2. Donna Gardner:

    These are so precious,not because they are my family,but such thoughtful pictures. I am so thankful that you are such a talented young woman and that you are the daughter of my best friend! Thank you so much!!

  3. Leigh Ann:

    oh wow- what a treat to see these beautiful pics of such a beautiful family! I didn’t realize how full the Gardner quiver has gotten! Such blessings!

  4. Lindsey:

    Hillary, you are so awesome. What GREAT pics! You were so sweet with the kiddos in helping them to find the ‘duck’ in your camera. You’re so smart. 😉
    I always love seeing you!

  5. Brandi Farrar:

    Hillary, you did an amazing job capturing their beautiful family. I know it helps when you have such an amazing canvas to work with. Just gorgeous and so sweet.

  6. Grace:

    Love these! And look how big you all got Donna to smile!!! Beautiful!