The Blacks- Family Portraits

It’s fun to spend one on one time with families that you’ve known for a long time.  I went to church with the Blacks for about 10 years.  I didn’t get to learn a LOT about them though, until this photo session.  There’s plenty of time to hear about them and go back in time to learn more about people you thought you already knew something about.  For example, Mr. and Mrs. Black are high school sweethearts from Monroeville.  And TWO of their children are getting married this year, but not in the correct birth order.  This was a fun afternoon with laughter and beautiful weather.  And it was so much fun not to have to tap dance and do cartwheels to get children to look or smile!  These adult children gave their mom a photo session for Christmas, this final year before the family starts growing.


  1. Kris Black:

    Love the pictures – especially the one of the kids!
    Brings tears to my eyes!
    Thanks so much for taking these.

  2. Erica Russell:

    One of the most precious families I know!!! I love the pictures, they are wonderful. I still can’t believe I used to babysit these “children”!!!