Sydney & Drew

Long ago a ballet teacher taught a precious little ginger named Sydney.  Fast forward almost 20 years…. that same, now beautiful, ginger gets engaged to the love of her life and calls that ballet teacher, now wedding photographer, to photograph her wedding.  The rest of the story was just as wonderful!

It was a crisp, clear, cool fall day and everything went perfectly.  Except when Sydney jammed the wedding ring on Drew’s right hand.  But every story needs some comedy!  Watching the two together was a treat.  Sydney was as calm and confidant and organized as could be.  And while Drew was very happy to be marrying Sydney, he was much calmer during the day with her by his side.  I heard a pastor say at a wedding recently that the language the Bible uses to describe a “helpmeet” role, such as a wife to a husband is extremely strong.  In fact, it’s only used anywhere else in the Bible to describe the role of Christ to us.  It was beautiful to watch that as these two loved and needed each other.  Not to mention, it was a really fun party!!

Makeup: Irrelephant
Hair: Marie Evans, Hopson James
Flowers: Jan Michael
Caterer: Tre Luna
Band: The Horn Dogs
Cake: Cakes by Audrey
Getaway Car: Birmingham Bridal Carriages
Venue: St. Paul’s Cathedral
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