Sweet Thirteen

Earlier in October, some very dear friends’ daughter turned 13.  Now, this is big because you’re entering your teens, surviving middle school, not to mention some other family stuff that she is handling so maturely.  Lauren has always seemed older than she is, but this year, being delightful and mature paid off- a great big birthday party.  Her parents felt like she needed something special because she’s so wonderful.

So, her mom had the youth room at their church DECKED OUT.  Complete with lights and sound tech on site.  There were 2 hair stylists and 2 makeup artists there to doll the girls up red carpet style.  Of course there was a red carpet.  Not to mention yummy snacks and last, but not least, a photographer.  These gals had so much life and sweetness and exuberance, it was too much fun to watch!  Here’s a little glimpse into a fabulous 13th birthday party… in case you’ve forgotten what’s it’s like to be young! and the finished product…Lauren, the beautiful birthday girl…Each girl took her turn struttin’ it on the red carpet…And then they found the microphones…


  1. lasy:

    I don’t remember being anywhere near this league at that age ;-). Those beauties look like cast members of a Broadway musical! What great & fun pictures & memories!

  2. Jane Lazenby:

    Great pictures, Hillary. Such a fun party and you captured the memories perfectly!!

  3. Kelly Cummings:

    I’m jealous. Can I have a 25th birthday party like this next year? Also, the one with her jumping is awesome!


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