Sweet Charlotte

This post is an ode to two things.  One- the power of social media.  Two- a beautiful six month old named Charlotte.

Rachel found me through Facebook.  All that posting and tweeting is not for naught!  We emailed a bit and picked a day.  It was a perfect day… the fall leaves were at their peak for color this past weekend (which was convenient since I had 4 shoots!)  The weather was oddly warm and I couldn’t have asked for better.  Rachel was a little disappointed that Charlotte wasn’t feeling quite as peppy and smiley as she usually was.  But I think she seemed just fine.  Look at this beautiful baby and tell me if she seemed unhappy! I love that Daddy is looking on (see the reflection in the mirror) in this one.  This girl LOVES her daddy.  Can you see him smiling in the reflection?  He got this face from Charlotte almost every time.  Mommy gets the kisses and Daddy gets the grins.Her nursery was so precious.  Just bright and clean and all girl, which I am always a fan of.  I really enjoyed this family, as well as the baby.  Rachel and I could have talked and talked I think, if the point wasn’t to take pictures!I have too many favorites from this session, but this is right up there.  Safe and secure in Daddy’s lap- where would a little girl rather be?


  1. theirEmi:

    I love the quilt you use in your yard photos 😉

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