Sunday Soccer

If you know us, you know that my husband is soccer obsessed.  I always have a chuckle when people ask me where Peter is.  There’s only one answer… soccer.  So today was a momentous occasion when our firstborn went to her first soccer practice.  It’s very laid back.  Dads “coach” for 30 minutes and then the cute 3-year-olds scrimmage.  It’s kind of humorous.  They just drift off the field for a sip of water, pick up the ball with their hands, chase the ball onto another field.  But there were moments of greatness.  Here are a few. I noticed as I looked through the pictures that she keeps her mouth open as she dribbles.  So cute.Her father (did I mention he’s a soccer coach?) is so proud of this next one.  She has such great technique even at 3!The week before, she started ballet.  (did I mention her mother is a ballet teacher?)  It was a big few weeks!


  1. Ooba:

    She is beautiful AND multi-talented!!

  2. Leigh Ann:

    Love, love love these!
    I agree with Bert that you REALLY understand light and have a talent for photography and photo editing. Beautiful work!
    P gets her multi talented beauty honestly:-)

  3. hagen:

    just saw these! how cuuuuute!

  4. hagen:

    just saw this sooooo cute!


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