Summer Solstice

For three years now, not in a row, we have hosted a Summer Solstice party at our house.  Peter and I really love it, but for different reasons.  I love the decorating, of course.  Peter likes the ease of socializing at our home with most of the people we love.  Here’s a little sneak at the party we love…We had a babysitter downstairs for our two baby girls and a few friends utilized this service.  A guest appearance by Pierce and Ximena “in her party dress” was quite a treat just before sundown. 

One Comment

  1. Teresa:

    Wow…Just seeing this. Im quite the turd, but its hard giving up the female body builder poses Im so used to doing. And in case any one reads this I would like everyone to know I don’t normally peg roll my pants. Only when mosquitos are eating me alive!


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