Sprinkle Party- Second Birthday Party

My Baby girl is somehow two-years-old.  Her actual birthday was during our month away, so we finally celebrated with the big group last weekend.  It was the smallest birthday party we’ve had and it was so calm and lovely.  The moms had to force the kids to leave at the end, so I take that as a good sign.

I had decided MONTHS ago to do a sprinkle party, and I’m so glad I did.  Basically, cover any food you like with chocolate or peanut butter, add sprinkles and voila! Sprinkle Party!  My brilliant and talented sister Hagen designed my invitations and they were perfect as always.  (Look for another blog post soon on how YOU can get her clever designs for your own parties.)My mom made this unbelievably adorable outfit way back at the beginning of the summer.  It inspired me to have the party, even when I was feeling lazy.

It was a pretty warm day, and after running around for a while the kids LOVED this water pinata game.  Each child had a water balloon and one by one they tried their hand at popping it with a wiffle ball bat.  When they got it, it “sprinkled” water down on them.  Depending on the child, the balloon and the amount of water, some popped really quickly.  Others required a nearby dad with something sharp!  Both adults and children were thoroughly entertained.  There cannot be anyone more fun to give a gift to.  Adelaide was so excited about every single one. 


  1. ooba:

    She is so adorable and sweet and wonderful! I love the sprinkle party!

  2. hagen:

    it was super cute and somehow you were done decorating before any guests arrived! we will be pros by age 4 for sure!

  3. Grace:

    Someone said to me “Did you miss most of Adelaide’s bday party because there are tons of pictures of Hagen but only one of you.”

    sad face. Love these pics and this party though.