Simmelink Family

A few months ago I got to spend time with a wonderful family!  The mama of the bunch is practically family.  I can still remember listening to her laugh when she was the age of her daughters (and trying to determine if she was laughing or crying.  They were very similar, very passionate sounds.)  She agreed to let me photograph her little family doing real life rather than the posed portraits so many people think of when they hire a photographer.  I don’t even know what else to say.  Because the beauty of a lifestyle session is that it TELLS the story.  You can see the personalities  of these precious little girls…the traits and habits they have now, that will be gone by next year.  It’s a joy and a privilege to capture these moments, these treasures, for families.  Simmelink0002 Simmelink0013 simmelink003 Simmelink004Simmelink0034_1 Simmelink006Simmelink0045Simmelink0052Simmelink0057 Simmelink035 Simmelink0066Simmelink040 Simmelink0076Simmelink0092 copy Simmelink0094_1 Simmelink0097

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