She’s Got it All!

This is Sarah.  I’m sure she would disagree, but she is the total package.  One of those people God left the talent dropper over for too long.  You would probably love to hate her… but you wouldn’t be able to!  Besides being very smart, talented, beautiful, she’s also extremely kind.  She plays at least 2 instruments, has a math and science mind (going to Vanderbilt next year for mechanical engineering,) keeps the nursery at church sometimes, gets along wonderfully with her parents, loves the Lord… I could go on and on.  It was so much fun to walk around and chat while we took her senior pictures.  A gorgeous girl, a gorgeous day- perfection! Tomorrow night is her senior prom- ah, to be young again.  I hope it’s a blast!


  1. Peter:

    Great pics! You are on a roll.

  2. Grace:

    these are awesome! i love her second outfit!