See Jane Dance

My elementary school PE Coach turned 60 this month.  And asked me to photograph her great big party!  Coach Robbins (Jane) had been planning this party for months.  Every detail.  The company that she hired the DJ from said that they had never seen such a detailed plan for a party.  And that was just the DJ’s part!  It was just so much fun.  You would never have known it was for a 60th birthday party!

It was 60’s themed, with tons of decorations and lots of costumes.  Elvis made an appearance, the music was all 60s, the games were all based in 60s music/trivia…

The games got pretty heated!  The costume contest was very friendly.  All smiles. Such a cute family!  And now for the best part… the birthday girl had choreographed a dance.  She came out in a second costume, including go-go boots, and did this dance.  Can you imagine the nerves?  She introduced the whole thing and then took off dancing.  It was fabulous!

Happy Birthday Coach Robbins!!


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