See Hagen Wed- Gown Shopping

Remember a really long time ago when I said I wanted a bride to take me wedding dress shopping with her?  Well… she did! My sister Hagen got engaged on Friday.  With one extremely type-A sister and one extremely excitable sister, we found ourselves gown shopping the very next day.  It was partly a joke, partly a way to celebrate, and partly to get her thinking about what style of dress she wants.  She has not been planning her wedding or imagining herself in bridal gowns for years like some others of us.  But when we got inside, magic happened!  But wait… I’m getting ahead of myself.

Eleven years ago, I was engaged and Hagen was bringing the guy she was dating to my couples shower.  His name was Dan and he was this really cute band guy.  He was very kind and considerate and gentlemanly.  Sadly, they didn’t stay together and each moved on.  NOW fast forward to two years ago.  They crossed paths again, talked and went on a few dates, and then picked up right where they left off.  He takes such good care of her.  So sweet and considerate, while not a push-over, protective, attentive and thoughtful.  Also cute.  So when he asked me to go ring shopping a couple of months ago, I responded with jumping and clapping.  The best part has been watching Hagen.  She’s not a frivolous, girly-girl, dreamer when it comes to relationships.  She’s always been in-the-moment, rational and even guarded.  So seeing her since Friday has been so sweet.  She smiles bigger, is excited without regard for boundaries.  It has been so sweet.

Now back to the dress shop.  She tried on 8ish maybe and by the last one we all knew that the first dress she touched and tried on was THE dress.  She’s perfect in it.  I can’t wait to see Dan see her on their wedding day.

****important disclaimer**** none of the dresses pictured here are THE dress.  You won’t see that until she’s Mrs. Dan Baker.  🙂

My mom is looking at her beautiful daughter in the dress she chose.  I LOVE this picture. 


  1. Grace:


  2. Bana:

    She’s going to be a beautiful bride!

  3. Brooke Maedel:

    The picture of D is stunning. What a fun time!

  4. Leigh Ann S. Young:

    Oh- y’all are so great- these pictures are so sweet. I too LOVE the one of your mom- her cute smiling face says “ok- well done”, and maybe a thousand more words:). xo