Sarah Elizabeth & Alan

Sarah Elizabeth messaged me on May 20 of last year and said basically, “I’m calling the church tomorrow to set a date, but I want you to shoot my wedding.”  It made my month!  She and Alan started dating May 18, 2009.  On May 18, 2012 they got engaged and May 18, 2013 they got married.  (you can see the date engraved in his ring.)  The forecast the day before the wedding was 60% chance of rain all day.  But that very humid morning, the rain chances were all but gone!  I really loved being a part of this precious couple’s big day.  Trinity United Methodist and Vulcan were perfect venues for all their plans!My favorite hair guy, Mark at Salon U did an awesome job on her hair.  He even did a little fix when we went back to take a couple pics at the Salon later.  Louise and Jacob from Saks did equally beautiful make-up.  One of Sarah Elizabeth’s bridesmaids made her this beautiful jewelry- great job Erin!The bridesmaids seriously kept me laughing all day.  They’ve mostly been friends since childhood and were so hilarious and fun!The sun came out in FULL effect for their first look.  How precious is she?  She waved at him.  Too cute.And here is my favorite moment.  Sarah Elizabeth just took over the dance floor for almost a whole song.  Happy photographer!The groomsmen and Alan’s friends would NOT take no for an answer.  Thanks for having me y’all!!

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  1. Jennifer Gilliland:

    You know AGAIN! you have shown yo SKILZ gal! I am so sad we missed this wedding! Such a wonderful family! Nothing but praise for you! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!