Sarah & Sean

Not so very long ago, I had a senior portrait session with a beautiful girl named Sarah.  What seems like months, but is actually 3 years later, she has called me to photograph her wedding!!  I’m pretty sure everything in the last 2 sentences confirms that I am OLD!  She is still so beautiful and has found a boy that thinks so too.  Inside and out.

Sean and Sarah are so adorable and comfortable and affectionate that it was a pleasure to hang out during their engagement session on this slightly chilly day earlier in January.  I’m sure we’ll be looking back longingly at the coolness during their July wedding this year.  Lavendol001 Lavendol007 Lavendol018 Lavendol020 Lavendol027 Lavendol035 Lavendol053 Lavendol056 Lavendol057 Lavendol063 Lavendol064 Lavendol069 Lavendol070 Lavendol073 Lavendol086 Lavendol091 Lavendol094 Lavendol098 Lavendol099 Lavendol101

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