Sadie Lady

Another year has gone by and it’s time again for Sadie’s birthday party.  This year it was an enchanted garden theme, since she is such a classy big girl.  I think it’s so special that she’ll have memories of celebrations of her birthday with each parent.  And, as usual, Dan and Hagen outdid themselves.  It was beautiful, fun, delicious… everything a 5-year-old could ask for!  These beautiful flowers were made by Hagen and her friend Nicole… pretty, huh?Now here is the highlight for me.  These are ice cream scoops inside homemade white chocolate cups (also made by Hagen.)  I could have eaten the whole plate, but alas.  It was not MY birthday party and that would have been inappropriate.  Tattoos were followed by a wand hunt.  After a little coaching from Hagen, Sadie found one!  So happy!A little pin the wing on the fairy, obviously…We love you Sadie!  Well done Hagen!!


  1. Hagen:

    Another great day with these sweet kiddos! So lucky for such sweetness in my life!

  2. Ooba:

    I love the pics!!

  3. Leigh Ann S. Young:

    That looks like so much fun. Great pictures of happy people doing creative activities! Great job everyone!