Riley & Eric

As is the case with many weddings I am privileged to photograph, I loved this one.  Riley is so lovable.  AND she’s a graphic designer so she’s lovable with good taste… pretty perfect combo for a photographer.  And then, when you thought it was already perfect, she has an amazing family.  Their closeness reminds me a lot of my own.  They all love each other so much.  For many families, a daughter/sister living in far away New York is an occasional inconvenience.  But for Riley’s family, as it would be for mine, it can be a source of great sadness.  They were SO excited to be adding Eric to their family and to see Riley so happy, but at the end she left for New York again.  And that made the day a bit emotional.  Plus she’s the baby of the family.  I was teary editing the images because I just connect with their emotion so much.

Eric was a nervous wreck when we first met.  Tying your own bow tie can’t be easy and when you have the pressure of being photographed during it… But when he saw Riley, every hint of those nerves and stress disappeared.  They are a very in love couple.  Which is always my favorite thing to photograph.

This beautiful wedding was held at the delightfully laid back 3rd Presbyterian Church in downtown Birmingham with a reception at Avon Theater.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the day.Tant0009 Tant0471 Tant0014 Tant0022 Tant0025 Tant0030 Tant0048 Tant0046 Tant0053 Tant0075 Tant0083 Tant0081 Tant0092Tant0088 Tant0102 Tant0123_1 Tant0127_1 Tant0140 Tant0139 Tant0148_1 Tant0145 Tant0129 Tant0171 Tant0165 Tant0168 Tant0152Tant0192 Tant0189 Tant0337 Tant0198 Tant0194 Tant0202 Tant0204 Tant0214 Tant0227 Tant0223Tant0255 Tant0241 Tant0238 Tant0257two-vertsTant0259 Tant0269 Tant0273 Tant0320 Tant0298 Tant0315 Tant0304 Tant0303 Tant0294 Tant0325Tant0458 Tant0443 Tant0469 Tant0471 Tant0490 Tant0485 Tant0512 Tant0514 Tant0522 Tant0529 Tant0535Tant0545Tant0549 Tant0556Tant0568 Tant0563 Tant0549 Tant0594 Tant0599 Tant0602Tant0879 Tant0615 Tant0626Tant0692 Tant0694 Tant0705 Tant0716 Tant0711 Tant0712 Tant0721 Tant0722 Tant0727 Tant0731 Tant0735 Tant0737 Tant0738 Tant0772 Tant0862 Tant0801 Tant0975 Tant0924 Tant0847 Tant0790 Tant0927Tant0996 Tant0999 Tant1000 Tant1005 Tant1010Tant1025 Tant1026 Tant1031


  1. robin bush:

    Wow! Just wow!

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