Reception Photos- The Clarks

Like I mentioned in the last post, these two lovebirds got married in St. Lucia, all by their romantic selves.  But, because friends and family are so important to them, they did plan a BIG party to celebrate with everyone.  It was a gorgeous hot day, and we had so much fun.

Without any prodding or begging from me, Karen and Drew requested that we do some portraits before the party began.  I was so excited!!  Karen is a fabulous model… striking the precise pose I was going to request before she was even asked.  And Drew, as reticent about the camera and posing as most men, was so affectionate and loving, that I had more than enough “material” to work with.
The party was at Park Lane, an awesome venue.  Karen had selected a black, white and yellow theme and it was so elegant.  Kathy G & Co did an awesome job, as usual!The band that Karen LOVES and booked a year in advance cancelled the day before the event.  She and Drew were so sad.  Luckily, the band they set up as a replacement, Crystal Clear, was awesome.This is Drew’s mom and her sister dancing with their granddaughters.  I am so close to my sisters that I loved watching these two.  They live far apart but still talk every day and travel together regularly.  This crew was a little slow to the dance floor.  But as the younger and older generations started to leave, the band played Purple Rain and I have never seen such a reaction.  The crowd went WILD! The thing I liked best about this wedding, aside from how happy Karen and Drew are, is how happy everyone was FOR them.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear “We’re just so happy for you” that night.  And I’m happy for them too!


  1. Peter:

    absolutely LOVE the one of them looking into the window. Fantastic.

  2. Emi:

    Sunflowers 🙂

  3. Grace:

    one of those little girls looks like you when you were little!!