Rachel & Walt

I may have been as eager as the bride and groom to show off this wedding.  What’s amazing to me is that while the bride and groom considered eloping up until a month or so before the wedding, every detail was thought out and beautiful.  Rachel and Walt met years before they actually fell in love and realized they were the one God had created for one another.  But, when that second encounter happened, they knew without a doubt.  One thing that Walt said impressed him was, “I don’t think Rachel cares if I ask her out or not.  She is so secure in her identity in Christ, that she isn’t looking for a man.”  Wow!  How can I teach my daughters that?!  Another quote that struck me came from the bride’s youngest brother.  He said he and her other brother (the minister at the wedding) had been praying for Rachel’s future husband for years… that he would “know the Lord, love his word and love and serve their sister.”  It left me both tearful and speechless.  What amazing families at this wedding!!!

The service, at Covenant Presbyterian Church, was one of the most worshipful I’ve attended.  But the party at Rucker Place was once of the most fun I’ve been to, too!  I could hardly fit on the dance floor and it wasn’t empty even for a moment.  The band All In One kept everyone dancing all night!  Rachel’s Heidi Elnora dress, LSL Event Design flowers, vintage get away car and weather were just as perfect as a girl imagines on her wedding day.  Enjoy!

Y’all, I wanted to add that I’ve been so inspired by documentary style photography and use that style in weddings like Rachel’s. If you wonder what I mean, take a peek at this family documentary photographer in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. Michele:

    Gorgeous wedding images!

  2. Anna:

    Gorgeous! What a beautiful couple and yes I loved all the details!

  3. Kaleen:

    You captured some incredible moments! How did they pull off this wedding in a month?! Beautiful!


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