Rachel and Jay- Wedding Photos

Everyone loves a good love story.   Ones like Rachel and Jay’s are some of my favorites… boy meets girl, boy and girl go different directions, boy and girl meet again years later, fall in love and live happily ever after.  A few Saturdays ago, I got to witness the beginning of Rachel and Jay’s happily ever after.  They knew each other growing up in Florence, but went to different colleges, married different people.  When their lives changed and they re-met they knew they had to be together this time.  They had a very small wedding at Rachel’s house (can you imagine preparing for a wedding AND getting your house ready?)  Around 60 of the closest friends and family celebrated with the shortest ceremony I’ve ever seen, some good food and lots of laughs.  After the couple’s portraits and family pictures out in the heat, Jay had just had it with the long sleeves and pants.  He went a little more casual for the cake cutting.  And I love how he’s just the right silly to keep Rachel laughing… Hopefully for years to come!


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