Olivia- 9-month portraits

Surely you recognize this blued-eyed beauty by now? I’ve gotten to see Olivia for the 3-month and 6-month milestones and now we’re already at 9-months.  I think she’s getting cuter and cuter and I had so much fun with her and her mom on this gorgeous spring day.  She’s at the age where crawling is a constant activity, and she’s on the go all the time.  I had to pull out all my tricks to keep her still for a moment here and there.  There was a lot of this… very determined crawling.  A friend in elementary school always stuck his tongue out and kinda chomped down on it when he was really concentrating.  I felt like that’s what Olivia was doing as she made her way through the park.  Of course these are my favorites… Maybe because as a mom I’m in so few pictures?  I love these of Shae with her precious one.  There were these gorgeous pink hydrangeas that I really wanted to get in the picture, but surrounding them was pine straw.  Olivia was just not fond of that stuff.  Her stretched baby feet make me giggle!

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