New Blog, Big Contest

For a long time now I’ve complained about the lackluster images my free, but otherwise adequate blog posted.  It bothered me that the color wasn’t quite right, that the sharpness didn’t quite come through, etc.  And since the point of the blog is to show you, the reader, what I do with my camera and my clients, that was a big problem.  After looking at a lot of different photographers’ blogs, I finally took the leap and bought myself a blog… and here it is!  Welcome!  ProPhoto is designed specifically for photographers, and if you are one, I encourage you to look to them.

Next I’m going to tell you about the goals for this blog.  By telling them to you, I will be held accountable to them.  I am going to try so very hard to blog twice a week.  Whether it’s a personal tidbit or a recent session, I want you to have a reason to come back often.  The second goal is to blog my favorites from each session (including weddings) within a week of the session.  That way my clients can see a little preview before the full gallery is ready.  I know the time between a session and the finished product is a hard wait and I hope this little “appetizer” will help tide them over.

Now, the BIG reason you’re probably reading this… the contest!

I’m mildly obsessed with Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham.  I think it’s beautiful and just amazing that it’s in Birmingham!  I want this park to stay beautiful and used for years to come.  So, to promote the park and my new blog, I’m offering a free couples photo shoot AT Railroad Park.  Whether engagement, anniversary, brother/sister, day-after wedding, maternity or just because… You can even win the session and then give it as a gift.  All you have to do is comment on this post to qualify to win the session.  On October 15 I will randomly select a winner.  So spread the word, tell a friend, shout it from the mountaintop!!

I’m even including some photos of the gorgeous park and some gorgeous couples I’ve shot before.  No blog post of mine should be without a photo.

Thanks for stopping by the blog- please come back next week!

I love the color as the sun is setting on the city.  The next 4 are some film images I did last fall…


  1. Lindsey:

    Comment Comment Comment! 🙂
    My husband and I have a one year anniversary coming up this month and it would just be an added bonus if we were to win! The park is beautiful and a GREAT excuse to come back to Bham and visit his hometown…among other people. 😉
    Love the new blog!

  2. Jane Lazenby:

    Hillary, I love your blog! The pictures are beautiful, as usual. I want to enter the contest. Brent just got engaged this week and that would be a special treat for them to have engagement pictures there! Good luck with everything.

    I am still hoping to get with your Mom soon and she your girls. I know you are having fun with them. They are just precious.
    Jane Lazenby

  3. Paula Smith:

    I agree with your comments about Mandy!! She is an amazing young lady – I had a chance to work with her for a while too and we’ve stayed connected through FB – she is an amazing young lady – I’m so thrilled for her too with the engagement. The pictures you took of them were great!

    All your photos are fabulous! I love how you captured the park – makes me feel like I’m there in person. We haven’t had a chance to see it in person yet – except through your photos and what we’ve seen on the news.

    Will check back later for more! Thank you!

  4. Erin:

    I love you AND your new blog! Also, that first picture of the Park is a-mazing. I think we’re going Saturday morning if you want to join us. 🙂 XOXO EKS

  5. Catie Lumpkin:

    I would have commented anyway, but Hillary! I’m so proud of you, and all the beauty God captures through you! I’m so blessed to have you as a friend. I love you!
    Catie (for all us Lumpkins)

  6. hagen:

    looks so good! i know i probably cant win since im your designer/sister…however i think grace and i would be lovely models in railroad park 🙂

  7. Emalee:

    I’d love to win and have pictures with Alice in her mama’s hometown. Great looking blog so far!

  8. Tami Hallman:

    LOVE IT!!! SO proud to call you my friend 🙂
    Now… hand over that prize!

  9. Donna Gardner:

    Your new blog is great. I love that Jamie and lindsey are on the top. The baby pictures are so pretty. Can’t wait for the upadates!

  10. David Porter:

    The new blog is wonderful! Thank you so much for reminding me of the beautiful work you do! I had no idea Railroad Park was such a nice place. I can’t wait to visit!

  11. Grace:

    It looks so good sister!!! I know I probably am not allowed to win either but I agree with Hagen that we would look great together in Railroad Park.

  12. Your brother:

    I’m pretty sure I should win because I just made your website my facebook and gmail status.

  13. Amy:

    Love the new blog…looks Great! I haven’t been to the park yet but am dying to see it!

  14. Kari Beth:

    I love the new website! It is beautiful! Can’t wait to see more to come!

  15. Meredy:

    Hillary! This is beautiful! And thanks for sharing the awesome park! I never knew about it! Maybe we can go there for our playdate soon! Thanks for sharing your awesome work with me! I still plan to order ME’s newborn and 3 month sessions. Maybe before she gets married? 🙂
    Love you!!!!

  16. Carol Lloyd:

    I love the new website, Hillary. You are an extremely gifted photographer.

  17. Mandy:

    pretty sure i can’t win either, but i just wanted to say the blog looks awesome!! i’m excited about those bi-weekly updates! don’t worry…i’ll hold you accountable!

  18. Elizabeth Mullins:

    Love it Hil, Beautiful!

  19. sarah:

    Hillary great blog. I love the photos you are amazing. We have been to the park a couple of times and the boys love it.

  20. Alaina:

    You are SO incredibly blessed with the wonderful talent of capturing genuine, intimate, care-free moments! I love checking out your blog and am SUPER excited about the new, high quality stuff you have going on!
    Please get Kel and her crew going with this park- I don’t think they’ve ever been!
    Hope to see you and yours soon!
    Love, love, love,

  21. Erin:

    @Alaina, I have TOTALLY invited kelly to the park but they were out of town. It is totally hip and super-fun!

  22. Kelly:

    Looks great Hillary!

  23. theirEmi:

    Pick me!!!!! 😉

  24. Savanna:

    Hillary! Those film images are incredible…

  25. camille:

    hey, that’s my old roommate in the film images… and, i think that’s maria and chad’s engagement picture whose wedding i shot… what a small world. GREAT blog update. i may be asking you about who you used soon!

  26. mary:

    well, I live far away, so the feasibility of a photo shoot isn’t great. I’m excited that we’ll be getting more frequent posts- I love your pretty pictures, hill! (maybe if I did win, you could twist my arm to take my baby girl’s photo…)

  27. Dawn:

    Hillary – LOVE the new blog. Of course I loved the old one – you are just absolutely amazing! I would love to win a shoot with you – what an awesome idea!

  28. Emily Sooter:

    these are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Grace Ann and I really enjoyed looking at and you r so smart to feature the new B’ham park downtown. We are determined to get down there. Will share your info. NO doubt you will do well, much talent seen here! Best of luck on all of this!!

    Emily Sooter, Homewood, AL
    (know ur Mom and Dad and your Grace and our Grace Ann SSG’d together)

  29. JoAnna:

    Love the website Hillary – I am inspired to take the kids down to the Railroad Park now – it looks awesome!

  30. Rosemary Watson:

    I have never seen pictures of Railroad Park and I was impressed with the color and clarity of the photos. You make me want to take my grandchildren down there and have a picnic. Thank you for shaing the lovely photos, and I look forward to viewing more in the future.

  31. charla:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Love it. Would love to win some photos of my new grandbaby coming in April. But if I don’t win I will do it anyway. Your work is incredible. You are a blessing.

  32. Brittany Latham:

    Love your blog! You are so talented!
    I am getting married May 15th to my high school sweetheart and would love to do an engagement session with you! (as well as look at wedding prices) Grace told me how talented you were and that I should enter. Thanks!!
    -Brittany Latham

  33. Rhonda:

    I would absolutely love to win this contest! John and I love your work bit would never be able to hire you! (At least until he graduates!). We would love to see you!

  34. Anna Flowers:

    Hilary, I love the new blog! You are such an amazing photographer!! And I have to agree Railroad Park is the perfect setting for a good shoot! Scott and I were just talking about getting some pictures done for our anniversary, maybe we’ll get lucky and win your contest! 🙂 When are you going to start offering classes for those of us who are photographically (If that’s a word) challenged? Hope you guys are doing well! Give my best to Peter. Anna

    PS I met your dad. He’s the sweetest. 🙂

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    […] forget to comment HERE for your chance to win a free couples shoot… drawing to be held October […]

  36. Suzan Brandt:

    Your mom shared with me that you are an amazing photographer. She is right! You take beautiful pictures and have an eye for beautiful things. I have not had a chance to visit Railroad Park, but your pictures capture what a great place it is. I will have to take my family soon. Tell Peter thank you for sharing your blog. 🙂

  37. Andrius:

    haha!! Just because I want to see my old (but very cool) coach again, you should pick my name and come to visit me in Lithuania with all your family:)..beautiful pictures:)

  38. Teresa:

    I can tell the difference with this website! I would love to win more pictures with you!

  39. Laura Leigh Etheridge:

    I, of course, love the new blog and all your pictures! I must take Price and Millie to Railroad Park soon. I hear it is amazing. What a fun place for pictures!!!
    What I love the most about your blog (besides the pics) is your introduction to those you have taken pictures of. I feel like I know them once I see their pics.
    Hope you and your precious family are doing well!

  40. Mario Neavez:

    My 5 year anniversary is coming up. Winning a couples shoot would be a great way to commemorate the day she liked it and put a ring on it.

  41. Laura Vines:

    Lovely photos as always Mrs. Gamble. See you soon I hope.

  42. Laura Vines:


  43. Taryn Hopper:

    Could the couple be Lawson and Juju? 🙂 No, pics of me and Lawson would be great. Those are few and far between now.

  44. Aynsley Copeland:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!! I can honestly say I do believe you are the BEST photographer I have EVER seen!!!!

  45. Brooke Maedel:

    Love the pics, Hil, especially the near sunset one of RR park.

  46. Kate Stephens:

    The new blog looks great! I love looking at your pictures!

  47. Lisa Jones:

    Hillary ~
    Saw Peter’s post and followed to your blog. Witness the power of social media…..even old people see it. Just wanted to mention that your fascination with RR Park is not singular. We had a national film crew in shooting a documentary on healthy communities work and this was a centerpiece. Yesterday evening there was a yoga class in the grass, children on bikes, scooters, parents with strollers, runners, dogs, people surfing the net – all shapes, sizes, colors just relaxing, moving and having fun. Keep enjoyin’.

    Lisa Jones

  48. Deborah Stegall:

    I think you are an awesome photographer!

  49. Leslie Stephenson:

    Love your work. I would LOVE to do a session with my kids sometime. 🙂

  50. Millie Gardner:

    Such pretty pictures – we’d love to win!

  51. Mary:

    I want a chance!

  52. Amelia Breeze:

    Even if I don’t win the free session I really would like to talk about doing something this fall for my kids. Do you have kinda a standard rate? Can the Breeze family afford you?

  53. Laura:

    I am new to your blog and the photos of Railroad Park make me want to go there!

  54. Mary Esther:

    Hillary, Your blog is great, your pictures are beautiful and you are a fabulous photogragher.

  55. Kelly Dorough:

    finally checked out your blog- and IT IS AWESOME! The pictures/ color in the RR park shots are incredible- wow! You are so so talented, Hillary- I also really love to read what you write- always makes me laugh or just smile! You’re amazing- and I am committing to checking your blog regularly!

  56. Marisa Burns:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures of RR park. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and now I really can’t wait to go.
    Beautiful photographs! Great job!

  57. Hailey Farris:

    I love your pictures!!! They are awesome.

  58. Tanner Peterson:

    I love your blog! I look at it often and I’m amazed by your talent Hillary! I would love a photo shoot with you!!

  59. Elizabeth Glennon Fillebaum:

    Ooooohhh! Pick me! Pick me! Kurt and I never had any engagement pictures taken and I kinda wish we had some cool pictures of us NOT in a wedding dress/tux! Our one year anniversary is next month–sounds like a good reason to me! LOVE your site Hil! You are so talented!

  60. Selena Harrison:

    Incredible RR park pics!!! I am amazed at the color and clarity but not surprised by the quality. Your eye is the BEST.

  61. Lindsay Keith Kessler:

    beautiful blog hillary! you are such a talent! i’d love for david and i to do a christmas card session with you. keep up the fantastic work! xoxo

  62. Aunt Amy:

    Love your babies! Love your babysitter! Love your photos! Love your blog!

  63. david gunnells:

    Glad you’ve found a blog that has what you were looking for. Thanks for another reminder to get over to RR Park. 🙂

  64. Misty:

    Love the new blog! Hope you continue the more frequent posts, I love seeing your work 🙂

  65. Susie:

    Love your pics!! Can’t wait to check out the new park too!

  66. Tracy Lovelady:

    The blog looks fantastic! Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  67. Heather Phillips:

    What incredible photos. My husband and I have never had our photo’s taken and our family doens’t have many pictures of us. This would be a great thing for us to have. After 8 years we should have pictures by now.

  68. Michelle Davis:

    I love your work! great blog too!

  69. Peggy:

    I want to win! And I love RR Park! It’s awesome!

  70. Meredith:

    Hillary, you’re amazing! Can I just say that? I love your work!

  71. Ashley Wells:

    Beautiful pics Hillary… I need to talk to you about doing some pics of Emma Claire!

  72. lasy:

    Hillary- I would love for Jess & Zach to have a photo shoot by you for their 5 yr. anniversary coming up in early Dec.- with little Jujubean included of course:-)!

  73. Nicole Ussery:

    the photos are beautiful. I would love something like the park photos in my office.

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