My Very Own Baby- infant portrait

If you’ve followed this blog for longer than 3 weeks, you know that there was a little lull in posts from July to October.  This is because I had my second baby girl.  She is so beautiful and delightful.  She’s snuggly and dainty and mostly laid back.  We love her so much.  However, mother-of-two is a MUCH more demanding title than mother-of-one.  It slowed me down a little more than I anticipated.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I thought it was her 12 week birthday, so I took some photos.  I was alerted many hours later, that she was actually 11 weeks.  Thanks to Grace.  So, the next week I did her actual 3 month portraits in a more lifestyle portrait fashion.  You’ll see those soon.  Meanwhile, here are her 11 week birthday photos!  Not a normal milestone- but one I sure did enjoy!


  1. Jane Lazenby:

    Hillary, I loved all these pictures of sweet Adelaide. She is just beautiful and so dainty! I know you are having fun with both of your girls! You do such a great job….

  2. Betty:

    Adelaide is so beautiful & dainty! I love these pictures, and we have that same playmat 🙂


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