My Thanksgiving Vacation

For Thanksgiving my whole family went to Sky Valley, GA; a place where we spent many weeks of vacation as children, but hadn’t returned to as a family in more than a decade.  I hadn’t been in 12 years.  The last time I was there it was with my cousin Emalee and our grandparents.  Grandandy was in a wheel chair, battling cancer.  It was his last trip to this place he loved- the part of the world where he grew up, went to school and became the grandfather I knew.  So many vivid memories of tubing, berry picking, apple eating, horseback riding, and extremely long “short-cuts” came flying back to me.  It was wonderful.  Add to that the lack of cell or internet service, all my siblings and parents and you have a real, live vacation.  Here is the view from either side of our balcony.  We returned to The Dillard House– the scene of many horseback riding and swimming adventures with the Stegall cousins.  Pierce loved riding MJ around the barn.  How I love this silly little grin.  She flashes it very sparingly… maybe that’s why I love it so!There’s a waterfall within walking distance of our cabin and we spent a lot of Thanksgiving morning there.  We had a little lovefest on the hiking trail.  We ate and drank really good things.  (Notice Hagen and Pierce added some detail to the wine bottle.  Pierce and Adelaide’s pictures are on the bottom of the label.)


  1. Mak:

    Great pictures! I believe I went with u on vacation there once. If I remember correctly, we were in a TV commercial. 😉

  2. Leigh Ann:

    Oh Hillary- you know you made me misty eyed- this is just what Grandandy had in mind for the family when he first discovered Sky Valley. I was craving some of your family pics & I hit the jackpot when I found this posting :-)- thank you! xx

  3. Carol Lloyd:

    Love the beautiful pictures. Love your family. Loved your Grandandy.

  4. Ooba:

    I loved every minute of being there (except for the Auburn Alabama game) and all the memories remembered and made!! Your pictures are so beautiful!!

  5. mars:

    hagen+ grace = my favorite picture. George’s pics are hubba hubba!! I don’t think I’ve seen him in person since he was like 17- cute to see him married!


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