Morgan & Andy- Wedding Photos

I love when a family I knew a little gets in touch with me years down the road for a child’s wedding.  When Morgan, her mom and sister and I got together months ago to discuss her wedding, we had so many things in common that we talked for a really long time- Homewood, Dawson, close-knit family, etc.  There were so many similarities, that on her wedding day last Saturday, I had continual flashbacks to my own wedding at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church.  It was a gorgeous, hot July day when I got to hang out with the sweetest bride so far.

Morgan and Andy had been together for over 3 years when Andy proposed last year.  He does a lot of woodworking, and took Morgan to a place in the woods where he had placed a bench he made.  The bench had their names and date (engagement date) and space for their wedding date, future children’s names and birthdays.  Every tree around them had their initials carved into the trunk.  It appears Andy may have a bit of a sweet streak, too?

While we were outside doing Morgan’s bridal portraits, her dad arrived.  We all paused for a little emotional moment as he saw his daughter as a bride.  You should know, this group wins the prize for weepiest group of bridesmaids ever!We went to a nearby garden and sweet Morgan didn’t mention at all that the mosquitoes were eating her alive.  I had to edit some out of these pictures!!Andy was so precious taking pictures of everything… look at his proud face!Remember the weepy women I mentioned?  Morgan hadn’t let any of her aunts see her dress.  So when they arrived to see her just before the wedding, the water works began.  The reception at LINCpoint was beautiful!  Please pause to notice her father’s footwear.  LOVE it!The bride and groom weren’t even doing anything right here.  The paparazzi just loved them.  Now stop.  Go back and notice the players in the single ladies section.  All focused and ready.  And then look who swooped in!!  See her off to the side all nonchalant?  She’s sly!And then big sis decided to sneak in some action too!


  1. Jana Clark:

    These are beautiful pictures, Hillary! I just wanted to let you know that I teared up again as soon as I saw the picture of Morgan with her dad! You did a wonderful job, and Morgan and Andy will have wonderful memories from these pictures for the rest of their lives. 🙂

  2. Grace:

    Love the bouquet throwing shots!

  3. Tammy Pope:

    I continue to relook at these pictures! Can’t wait to see them all. I love them! Thanks, Tammy