More than just Four- Family Portraits

In the past, when you’ve seen my favorite little McCarthy family, there have been just four.  At the end of the year, though, Amy’s mom contacted me about family portraits for the WHOLE family.  That included her (Debra) and her 4 daughters, plus all their spouses and children.  As with most activities that involve that many people, it was hard to find a date.  We finally did though, and wouldn’t you know it, it turned out to be the coldest day of the holiday season!  They were all such troopers, though!  We did some family shots and then some individuals.  I love that there’s only one girl granddaughter (far right.)  I bet she and Debra will have a special bond.  I want to be this cute and in love after 4 kids!I had some help making people smile.  I think this shot of what goes on behind a photographer is priceless.  I’ve never had so many assistants.And here are all the sisters! 


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