Miss Megan- Class of 2010

Ready to meet another mind-bogglingly talented senior? Megan plays 3 instruments (I think,) has supermodel height, and the kindest, blue eyes. We gallivanted around the city at 6 am on Saturday morning, which seems unreal for a senior in high school. But, there’s more. She had been at a birthday party til midnight AND was playing at a football/band event all evening that very same Saturday. Trooper!!! Every now and then she would have a sinking spell and we would talk about hash browns to get her going again. What fun! Here are the favorites.


  1. Mary Brocato:

    These are great, hill! Still can't believe you are taking these!

  2. Mary Brocato:

    I am still so impressed, hill!

  3. lasyoung:

    These are so nice- i especially like the 3 verticals together & the sunrise one just after that- I imagine her parents LOVE these. xo

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