Megan & Hunter

Megan emailed me one day a bit before 9 am.  We met at 1 pm and she had booked me for her March wedding by 7 pm.  I love that. Type-a bride, type-a photographer.  I met Hunter on the night of this engagement session, and have a sneaking suspicion he may be type-a too.  This couple is going to be one to watch I think… they’re going places.  We started their session at Railroad Park.  They love downtown and will be dancing the night away at their reception at Regions Park… It’s going to be fun!  Then we headed up the mountain to the same place they got engaged.  Aren’t they pretty?  Megan is as tall as I am, (almost 5’9″) and still has to stand on her tippy toes to kiss her man!

One Comment

  1. Martha:

    Yep, you nailed it…they’re going places. Love these two! And the pics are just as fabulous. Can’t wait for the wedding!