Meg & Josh

Meg’s wedding combined with her personality was fun and unique. She wanted to marry Josh. She wanted it to be beautiful. And she hired people to make it so. Then she just enjoyed the day. The wedding had 5-star vendors, beautiful details and planning. With a laid-back bride. Stuff of DREAMS!!!!!

We started out at the Westin with mimosas and Edgars and Tazikis and The Glow App girls. Then moved to B&A Warehouse, where Kendal Perry already had the Heidi Elnora dress steamed and hanging for me. There was a little moment with the dress that the bridesmaids and Kendal handled like champs and so I visited with the fellas a little. The bottle room at B&A… is it maybe the manliest room in town? I think yes.

The bride and her dad cried, the groom surprised us by choking up a little as his beautiful bride approached. Her mom was the star of the dance floor (along with Powersurge) and let’s not even get started on Southern Posies amazing florals. Meg’s childhood priest was “present” via zoom, which was a cool new twist on this covid wedding season. You’ll see them enjoying the Dreamcakes bridal cake (I love when they have fun with it… so rare!) It was a wedding day dream come true. For this photographer :))))) But also for Meg and Josh!

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