Meet Mr. and Mrs. Cummings

It is quite an honor when a photographer asks you to be involved in her own wedding. I got to shoot Kelly Merrill‘s day with Kristen Stewart. Kelly has been hugely helpful to me as I start my photography business.

Kelly and Garrett actually married in San Francisco in August, but had a blessing ceremony and reception to celebrate with their friends and family. I had never been to a blessing and it was really sweet. The ceremony was at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, which is beautiful and the reception was at The Summit Club. The adorable and talented Kelly did a whole lot of the decorating AND cake baking herself and it all came together just beautifully and in a way that suited Kelly and Garrett so perfectly.

Here are my favorites from the day.


The yellow and blue was carried out in the reception and were such a gorgeous combo.

Her mom popped her veil in just in time to walk down the aisle!Fellow photographers may be thinking, “I don’t think you’re allowed to take pictures in St. Luke’s.” That would be correct, but yours truly was blissfully unaware. If you’re worried that the wedding coordinator sprinted down the aisle to stop me, you would be correct again. But at least I got these great shots first!

There was a LOT of dancing at the reception, which I just loved. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling by the end.
Aren’t they cute?
10 points to whoever can guess what song this is!


  1. Margie:

    those are beautiful! LOVE the yellow!! Those shoes are great!

  2. Amanda:

    Good job! The colors in the shoes and dress pictures are awesome.

  3. Mary Brocato:

    these are gorgeous hill. shoes are the fave. I wish you had been MY wedding photographer!

  4. Kelly Merrill:

    i love everything, but most of all, that last picture is so us, the texture on the flower shot, and the one of us praying! thank you hillary, I'm so excited about all of the pics! And now… time to edit!

  5. Cristi:

    what an adorable wedding! love everything about it!

  6. Jessica:

    I think this girl writes for the blog EAD-Weddings (Inspirations and Creations). I read that blog daily and have kept up with her throughout the planning process… So Fun!

    I love looking at the pictures on your blog!! I'm so excited that you are doing my wedding. I can't wait.