Mary Claire & Drew

Mary Claire was one of very few brides I didn’t meet until her engagement session.  It’s risky… what if we don’t click? What if I drive her nuts? What if the fiancé doesn’t like the way I direct them?  BUT….. we laughed and laughed. At one point he flipped her upside down.  So I think that means it was fun. But her mom is someone I had known for several years.  “Miss woolann” was my eldest’s name for her music teacher at the greatest pre-school ever.  God’s House Kindergarten. Mrs. Louann, now the assistant director, got Mary Claire and me together.  The wedding was at my very own church, Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church, which is also a treat.  The day was full of sweetness.  Her relationship with her father was just precious all day and night.  Just look at the pics.  Her bridesmaids were full of support and laughter.  And speaking of laughter, Mary Claire laughed all day.  I go to lots of weddings and every now and then I still get choked up.  When Mary Claire walked out to do their first dance, her daddy surprised her with a recording of her singing “What a Wonderful World” as a very young child.  TEARS!!!

Dress: Imaginations Bridal

Florals: The King’s Garden

Cake: Taylor Tylicki

Church: Altadena Valley Presbyterian First

Venue: Vulcan Park

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