Mariglenn & Peter

Mariglenn and Peter were married on a steamy August day at Covenant Presbyterian Church.  Her smile speaks volumes about the tone of the day… just excitement.  They were very obviously so excited to be together forever from this day on.  It was a pleasure to be a part of!  From Mariglenn’s prep at her aunt’s house, to the fireworks at The Club, every detail was thought out, beautiful, and fun!  I am always a fan of a dance party, and dance they did!  I wish these two as much laughter throughout life as we all enjoyed on their wedding day.  BirminghamWedding0002 BirminghamWedding0003 BirminghamWedding0019 BirminghamWedding0020 BirminghamWedding0004 BirminghamWedding0005 BirminghamWedding0006 BirminghamWedding0021 BirminghamWedding0001 BirminghamWedding0023 BirminghamWedding0007 BirminghamWedding0008 BirminghamWedding0009 BirminghamWedding0010 BirminghamWedding0022 BirminghamWedding0024 BirminghamWedding0025 BirminghamWedding0011 BirminghamWedding0012 BirminghamWedding0027 BirminghamWedding0013 BirminghamWedding0028 BirminghamWedding0014 BirminghamWedding0015 BirminghamWedding0016 BirminghamWedding0017 BirminghamWedding0018 BirminghamWedding0029


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