Margaret & Lee

There are a lot of hard things about this season of isolation and insecurity.  ONE thing I’m enjoying about it though, is the occasional quick, elopement-type wedding.  Margaret messaged me just 2-3 weeks before her big day.  She and Lee had been planning a big wedding in Jackson Hole with all their friends and family. With all the fear around travel and big groups fewer and fewer people were going to be able to come.  Including some family.  So they decided to make sure their family was there for the most intimate and important part of the day- the ceremony.

As I drove out toward the family lake house, the bottom fell out.  Raining cats and dogs. Sweet Lee met me in the drive way with his umbrella and I walked into a cozy room full of Margaret and Lee’s families having a glass of wine and chatting.  No pomp or circumstance.  Just comfort and excitement about their casual wedding day.  Around 5 Margaret said, “What time should we do this?” And she went to get ready with her mom and sisters.  My favorite part of the day was this.  I asked where on the property we would have the ceremony and Margaret said, “Wherever Lee is, I’ll walk to him.”

Lee’s stepfather married them on the dock with a few raindrops around and after their portraits, the sun came out for toasts and cake.  I want to do it again and again!

Cake: Olexa’s

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