Mandy and Scott- Wedding

Mandy and Scott were married the weekend following Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl.  It was a big week!  But sweet Mandy was a DREAM bride and client and I was so so so honored and excited to be there. Both the wedding and reception were at Shades Valley Community Church (at the old Homewood ice rink!)

These two had been together for quite a while and Mandy was ready to marry this boy!  It was a pretty quick engagement, and Mandy did a WHOLE lot of the decorating/planning/organizing herself.  From the bouquets and boutonnieres to the groom’s cake and programs- it was Mandy and her crew of family and helpers.  And it was gorgeous.  Heartfelt and unique.  I loved it.

The BEST part about photographing this wedding is that I know Mandy.  We work together (in my other job as the director of a ballet school) everyday.  She is my right hand and I couldn’t do my job without her.  In the process, we have gotten to know each other.  We’re both very honest, while kind, and so I knew a whole lot about the details and relationships in this wedding.  I didn’t feel like I had to be careful in asking things like, “do you mind if I’m all up in it at the ceremony?” Or “Can we go to another location for portraits?”  As I captured the moments of the day, I usually knew which ones would be important to her and which ones to ignore.  Her album design is a cinch.  I feel like I get to know my brides pretty well as I go through the planning and wedding day with them, but knowing Mandy in advance was quite a treat.

Now, the sweetest part.  This girl loves her heavenly Father.  In the way that I think we’re called to.  Not in a judgmental, prude, or haughty way.  But by loving others despite themselves.  She loves missions and has a servant’s heart.  She loves people the way Christ loves us, in my opinion.  I can only assume, since she chose him, that Scott is similar.  They are gentle and kind (and all of the other Corinthians descriptions of love) with each other.  They are a joy to be around.  They are truly each others’ family.  Their laughter is contagious and their lives are a reminder of how we are called to live.  Because of all of these things, their wedding and their photos, are beautiful.

Remember that servant’s heart I mentioned?  Mandy did all of the bridemaids’ hair.  This one after she was all the way ready!Mandy made these!! (I know the bridesmaids’, I THINK hers too)She also made the boutonnieres.Did I mention that she’s beautiful both inside AND out?My favorite part of weddings is very often the bride and bridesmaids.  Maybe because of my relationship with my sisters and girlfriends.  But these 4 laughed so much, it was even more fun!I love sisters.  Don’t you wonder what’s being said?  It seems scandalous to me 😉What a cutie!  I know he hates the picture taking, but he bears it well.  I also love the first time the bride and groom see each other.  It seems like their real emotion, as guarded as they TRY to be, really comes out in this moment.  I mentioned this in a previous post, but after they see each other, I leave them alone to have a few special minutes undocumented.  When I came back, this is how I found the lovebirds.  Bowed in prayer.  See what I was saying earlier?  They love well. 

I got carried away by my favorites to blog, so you’ll have to check back for part two later!  Please comment and leave Mandy and Scott some compliments and well wishes!


  1. Grace:

    these are so good! and mandy you are so stinkin pretty it’s not even fair!

  2. Sara Hale:

    I am so happy for yall! these pictures are so beautiful and they truely show who yall are!:)

  3. Raylene Sparks:

    Mandy, you were an absolutely beautiful breath taking bride, (Scott the handsome groom). I really wish I could have made the wedding, it was a beautiful and Godly event from all I heard.
    I pray you and Scott have a long, happy, and loving marriage with God’s blessings all along the way.

  4. Emily:

    Your love your pictures Mandy! You make such a sweet couple.

  5. Kasey Boyd:

    Mandy, you are a gorgeous bride! I love all the comments your photographer made about you in the blog before the photos. Everything I remember about you was there! I got goosebumps looking at some of these shots. I am so happy for you…your love for each other really shines through in these pictures. Congratulations!