Mandy and Scott- the rest of the Wedding

Finally!  I thought I’d never get back to the computer to blog the rest of this wedding. We left off right after Mandy and Scott had their moment (I hate the terms “first look”,”reveal”, etc.  I’m testing out other options.  Feel free to comment with suggestions on that!)  I whisked them away to do their portraits.

I found the bouquets all in a room without bridesmaids.  Mandy’s was on top of theirs (maybe I styled them a little for this photo, but I DID find them under hers) and it struck me as a great symbol-  her bridesmaids supporting her on this day and hopefully throughout the life of her marriage. These were some of my favorites from the day.  There is a little balcony where Mandy and the girls hung out pre-ceremony, so they could see the slideshow that played at the very beginning, without being seen.  Their expressions are so awesome!All the women and girls in the wedding were barefoot!I joked with Mandy that I don’t know who was happier- Scott or Chris (the pastor!)Did I mention that the church building is the former Homewood Ice Lodge?  It’s been redone but is so wonderfully rustic and full of texture and cool lights. At one point in the ceremony- all of their families gathered around them to pray.  Mandy and Scott took communion, but the whole congregation was also invited to.  This is the sweetest little family.  Mama and daughters all bowed in prayer.  Sweet.Did I mention that Mandy made this super fun and delicious groom’s cake!!?? I hope Mr. and Mrs. Baughn’s married life is as wonderful as their wedding!  I have no doubt that it will be even better.


  1. Pam McGowan:

    Your pictures are wonderful and you are beautiful! I wish I could have been there with your mom.

    I know you are happy…your pictures show it. I love you..

  2. Raylene Sparks:

    I missed the wedding because of previous commitment. After seeing these beautiful pictures I know I missed one of the most spiritual, loving, and beautiful wedding ever.
    Didn’t know Mandy was such a creative baker, the cake was fabulous.
    This young couple exudes true love and devotion.


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