Lyndsey & Jonathan

All of our growing up years my sister had only one girl friend.  There were gal pals and lots of acquaintances, but the friend that came on family trips and who was a constant in her life was Lyndsey.  Even as adults, Lyndsey was the only non-sister in my sister’s wedding.  And so, when she called and told me she was engaged…well…I was nervous.  She’s the most stylish person I know in real life.  So I knew her wedding would be beautiful and stylish and the photographer is responsible for capturing all that style and effort and forethought and WORK in the form of beautiful memories.  FOREVER. Pressure!  However, I said yes without hesitation.  And am I ever glad I did.

Lyndsey is confident and capable and not needy and, in my opinion, could stand alone.  So my happiest moment of her wedding day was when I saw her walk down the aisle to Jonathan and relax.  She relaxed into HIS confidence and calm and comfort.  He provided for her emotionally in ways in that one moment that I didn’t even know she needed.  Jonathan is amazing with people and with his son and is laid back and kind and joyful.  And they are perfect together.

You’re about to see how beautiful she is.  But you’ll also see her impeccable style, her really beautiful ability to be a mother to Pierce (Jonathan’s son) and her graciousness with people from all of her many roles in life.  And let’s not underplay her ability to plan a really fun party.  I hope y’all will enjoy her grace and beauty and the harmony between this couple with me!

Dress: BHLDN

Hair & Make-up: Brittany B Massey

Flowers: Western Supermarket

Venue: Architectural Heritage

Band: Old Fashioned Rhythm Method

Caterer: Shindigs

Dessert: Big Spoon Creamery

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