Liz & Gardner

I’m so excited to finally be sharing Liz and Gardner’s gorgeous wedding with you.  Liz is just the epitome of southern grace.  She is so engaged when she talks with you… amazing eye contact, never interrupts, occasional touches to your shoulder.  She’s gentle and elegant in a way I long to be.  Plus she’s gorgeous.  And contrary to her laid back appearance, her wedding details were extremely well thought out and beautiful.  She and her family were a joy to watch.  They genuinely love each other so much.

Her relationship with Gardner is similarly joyful.  I lost track of the number of times she said, “He’s so sweet.”  He treats her as a treasure.  So tender and thoughtful, but very passionately in love all at the same time.

I loved this wedding and I hope you can tell!

The day began at the beautiful Southside Baptist and ended at an extremely fun party at Vestavia Country Club.  It was all perfectly coordinated by the lovely Beverly Andrews of Engaging Celebrations.  And MANY thanks to Becca Paul for shooting with me!

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Liz’s dad gave her a REAL six pence for her shoe.  (Did you know it’s a wedding tradition to put a six pence in your shoe?)Robinson075And then a note from her betrothed brought a tear or two…




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Gardner and Liz did a non-look and prayed together before the ceremony.  It was so precious.  I hope these images do the moment justice.  Robinson313

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The wedding was on Liz’s parent’s wedding anniversary.  So as a surprise, the couple had an exact replica of their groom’s cake brought out for them.  I LOVE the reaction!Robinson663

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Their new last name is Bell!  So they left to ringing bells.  Does it get any cuter?  I love this couple.  Robinson982

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  1. Barbara Gamble:

    Beautiful wedding. The couple seemed to have so much fun at the reception! Nice photography as always!

  2. Liz Bell:

    Hillary! This is so beutiful, thank you for sharing our story and our wedding day in such a loving, thoughtful way! You were so wonderful to work with and we are so thankful it worked out for you to be our photographer!! We owe you so much for these treasured pictures!! 🙂