Lindsey & Spencer

What feels like a long time ago, I got a call from a girl who was going to get married.  I was laying in the sun as we spoke (remember the sun?  And warmth?  Seems like even longer ago) and she told me the best engagement story.  She is a vet and he a sheriff’s deputy.  She was finally getting off work one evening when familiar lights appeared behind her.  Exasperated, she pulled over for her man and asked him “WHAT?!!?”  He said, “There’s an injured dog in the back of my car, come here.” “You couldn’t have brought him to the clinic?!” She yelled.  And as they rounded the back of his car,
blue lights flashing, he dropped to his knee and handed her a diamond.  I don’t think I need to repeat her actual words, but the moral of the story is that she said yes.

Lindsey thought she’d never get married.  She is strong and capable and didn’t think she’d be able to put up with anyone or anyone with her!  And then she met Spencer.  Strong, happy, fun-loving Spencer.  And he cried the whole wedding day. And they’re precious.

Venue: Stonebridge Farm

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