Lindsey and Jamie

Meet Lindsey and Jamie. Be prepared, they’re the beautiful people. I was a little stressed during their engagement shoot because they’re so good looking that if I couldn’t take good photos of them, I should probably just hang it up and head home. Luckily for them and me, they turned out wonderfully! We were all quite pleased.

These two are really adorable together. A great combo of silly and sweet. I’ve known Jamie since he was born, but haven’t really gotten to know him as a man. It was fun to watch him take care of his beautiful bride as we ran around Huntsville. The combination of that plus the fact that Lindsey seems to have no idea just how beautiful she is made them a joy to play with. I’m so excited about their upcoming wedding in October!

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  1. Kelly Merrill:

    I love the stairwell and that wall!