Liesa and Chad- Wedding

Liesa and Chad were married on a beautiful, crisp November day.  Everything was perfect and went so smoothly that I was worried we were forgetting something the whole time!  But it seems that all the details, including the most important- the marriage- did happen.  I am so in love with St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church.  There were so many beautiful places in and around the church to take pictures, not to mention the gorgeous sanctuary.  I told the wedding coordinator, Gail, that I want to be the official photographer there because I was so inspired by it.  We already had quite a lovely bridal shoot, but captured a few more images of the bride on her wedding day.  One really wonderful thing about second shooters at weddings is that they are looking at the same thing, and seeing it totally differently.  My second shooter, Natalie Spargo was standing just around the corner as I was working with Liesa here and got this gorgeous shot (below and right.)  She is responsible for quite a few of the images in this post!These girls win the award for most able to laugh with a camera in your face.  They were hysterical!Liesa and Chad chose to see each other before the ceremony.  I try not to encourage couples in either direction on this issue, but it does allow me plenty of time for amazing portraits before the ceremony when they do it this way.  Plus it gets rid of some of those nerves so the couple can enjoy the day.  I love the joy on the faces of these two as they see each other.  Notice the bridesmaids peeking over the balcony?Liesa’s brother is in the military and is stationed in the middle east at the moment.  He wasn’t able to get leave for the wedding, so they skyped him in for the whole thing!  It was really sweet.  This picture is Liesa saying goodbye at the end.  I should also mention that as she walked down the aisle you heard him say, “You look beautiful.”  And with that, it was time for the party!  The Marriott was all decked out and ready for them.I don’t know who this child is.  Other than this one song, I didn’t see him the entire day.  I think he may be a wedding crasher/flash mobber.  The DJ dismissed everyone and let Liesa and Chad have one more dance, all alone except for us, before the big departure. I hear the Howards had a wonderful time in St. Lucia!  Welcome to married life you two!


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