Leigh & Gordon

I really love my job.  I am finally going back and playing catch-up on the last year’s worth of weddings and smiling all the way.

This beautiful day for Gordon and Leigh was at Trinity United Methodist, where I spend quite a few wedding Saturdays! One of my favorite things about looking through the viewfinder at people is seeing them in ways I don’t in normal everyday life.  In this case, I could see SO much of Leigh’s mother in her.  Her father confirmed that she is the spitting image of her mother on their own wedding day.  I loved watching the love between each of these only children, Leigh and Gordon, and their parents.  It was a special day.  The ceremony was followed by a really fun reception at The Club with dancing and a YUMMY peanut butter chocolate cake.  (If you want to know what makes me happy at the end of a full wedding day, peanut butter and chocolate are the answer.) I hope you enjoy this beautiful wedding as much as I did!

The-Club-Reception-01 The-Club-Reception-02 The-Club-Reception-03 The-Club-Reception-04 The Club Wedding007 The-Club-Reception-05 The-Club-Reception-06 The-Club-Reception-07 The Club Wedding014 The-Club-Reception-08 The Club Wedding017 The-Club-Reception-09 The-Club-Reception-10 The Club Wedding022 The-Club-Reception-11 The-Club-Reception-12 The Club Wedding026 The Club Wedding028 The-Club-Reception-13 The Club Wedding030 The Club Wedding031 The Club Wedding032 The Club Wedding033 The Club Wedding035


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