Laura & Trey

I have known Laura since she was in elementary school.  I was even her ballet teacher!  Her mom, Emi, kept my first baby girl until she was 2 1/2.  This family is special to me.  So, when they started making wedding plans, I was quite honored that they checked to make sure I was available the day they chose.  Special again.  I remember when Emil started talking about this boy, Trey, that Laura had met.  She seemed to know from the get-go that it was really serious.  And she was right.

There are so many things running through my mind to tell you about these two.  I’ve decided on two main points.  They are real.  Genuine.  Grounded.  (That’s just one point.) There are not many couples that would be ok with the soggy, frizzy, messy-ness that comes with an engagement session in the rain.  I’ve had more than one session cancelled because of the THREAT of rain.  But, when Tropical Storm Karen settled over the southeast, they didn’t even raise an eyebrow.  That’s just them.

The second thing about them is that they love each other.  But they love the Lord more.  Wedding planning has been difficult and not for the reasons it’s difficult for the rest of us.  Laura has been really sorting through what she has to have in/at her wedding because of society and what she has to have to make it a God-honoring start to her soon-to-be marriage.  Their main goal in this wedding is to show the picture of Christ’s love for his church through their union.  That he loved us before we had it together, before we were getting life right and even after we continue to fail.  They will trust that love to sustain their marriage.  Even when they fail each other.  Christ’s love through them.  Christ’s love for each of us, as his church.

The bottom has fallen out here.  We were still a little sheltered by the trees, but I love Trey looking at the sky.  This is the site where they will exchange vows in the spring.  Right under this tree on his family farm.  Romantic huh?

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