Laura & John

I vaguely remember meeting with Laura what seems like a lifetime ago… pre-covid and life as we know it changing beyond recognition.  We tried to schedule Laura and John’s engagement session several times but between her crazy nurse schedule (the schedule is crazy, not the nurse!) the weather, and quarantine life, it never could happen. I always prefer to spend a little time with couples before their big day.  It helps calm their nerves, lets me see their chemistry, and gives us a rapport.  I was a little unsure what to expect walking into their wedding day…

…for absolutely no reason.  It was GORGEOUS! STUNNING!  They’re an adorable couple and each detail was beautifully thought out and executed. The venue, dress, flowers, sunset…. perfection.  Plus I’m always excited to work with a wedding planner like Carly at Elizabeth Carlisle.  As is becoming the norm, this wedding was a little smaller than Laura and John had imagined and planned.  But the people that were there knew them both so very well.  It was special and intimate.  Even the homily had them laughing with the familiarity and stories within it.  Enjoy this little glimpse back!

Dress: Heidi Elnora

Hmua : Beauty By Halee Brooke 

Bridesmaids: Bella Bridesmaids

Florals: Ricky Whitley

Venue, Cake, Caterer: Vestavia Country Club

Coordinator/Planner: Carly Cline – Elizabeth Carlisle Events

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