Laura & Eric

I was so excited to be asked to shoot Laura and Eric’s wedding as soon as she asked me.  I had seen her dance with the teachers in our elementary school talent show (hot!!!) and I’d seen him walking to school to get his sons (also hot!!!) And their story was just so sweet.   I’d say all of Edgewood was excited about this wedding.  Laura grew up in Homewood, like me, and has been a member at Dawson Church and teaching at Edgewood Elementary.  She’s beloved.  Eric moved to Homewood with his first wife and they had babies, and so so so many people grieved when she lost her battle with cancer.  Their older son, Graham, who didn’t love the idea of daddy dating, had Laura as his 3rd grade teacher.  At the end of the year, when it was appropriate, but also when Graham had developed a trusting relationship with Miss Smith, Eric asked her out.  And March 21 I got to photograph them wed.

March 21 was right around the time the rule about having no more than 25 people at any event was issued.  Poor Laura had an emotional week leading up.  I was at my house praying that God would still provide financially for our family during this time. So when Laura messaged me in hopes that I would still be willing to photograph her wedding, it was an answer to MY prayer as well as hers.  She said, after she cried for a few days, that her main desires (other than marrying Eric) were to be able to look like a bride, to have it photographed beautifully and to have the vintage Auburn fire truck they had rented be their get away car.  She got all 3 (4.)

Y’all, as she danced with her new husband in her father’s living room, I know she was aware of who wasn’t there.  But what I was thinking (as I cried a little behind my camera) is how sweet this is.  I love a big huge party.  We should celebrate weddings.  But the intimacy and sweetness of this smaller ceremony surrounded by the closest of all your people… its special.  And I am truly honored to get to be involved.

Venue: Dawson Church

Dress: Diane’s Formal Wear

Flowers: Alyce Daniel

Cake: Just J Catering

Caterer: Taco Mama 

Fire truck getaway “Car”: Southern Vintage Fire Apparatus Association

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