Lacy and Brent- a wedding

The first wedding of 2011 is wrapped!

Lacy and Brent are relaxing on their honeymoon today!  But Saturday was a whir of activity and emotion as they exchanged vows and became Mr. and Mrs. Lazenby.  We could not have created a more beautiful day if we knew how.  Gorgeous blue skies and a nice warm weather in late February are a dream come true.  The ceremony was at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Hoover, AL.

Lacy’s bouquet had a little of the lace from her mom’s wedding dress.  I just love sentimental touches like that.  Before Lacy was even dressed, her mom and dad brought her a wedding gift.  As her mom told her about it, she got all choked up and got Lacy going a little too.  I love the expressions in this one- sweet daughter basking in her mother’s adoring smile.  Brent’s family has known my family for decades.  Our mother’s are the main ones who keep in touch and this cute little red-headed ring bearer plays with my own red-headed girl from time to time.  This group of groomsmen was so hysterical.  And so TALL.  Good thing I had a step ladder.  As usual- one of my favorite parts is when the bride and groom have their first moment together.  How lucky I am to get to see it!I just love how relaxed things get after they see each other.  Tension is gone and fun begins!A few last minute touch ups before the big “I do!”This was the expression the mother of the bride had on all day.  She could not have been more delighted about Brent and Lacy tieing the knot.  I would like to bottle up this father of the bride and take him with me to all weddings.  He was so so SO adorable.  This was his expression the whole time too.  Just so proud of his daughter and happy she’s happy.  Here he is coming to escort her down the aisle and give her away.  This is Lacy’s about-to-cry expression. 

And her why-am-I-about-to-cry???? expression. 

You’ll have to tune in next time for the super-fun reception!


  1. Jane Lazenby:

    Great pictures, Hillary!! You did a great job with everything… I know you must have been tired after that long day, but thank you so much!!!

  2. Ooba:

    I love every picture but my favorite is that cute little Heston!! What a wonderful wedding!

  3. Cindy Honeycutt:

    Such a gorgeous couple. So many beautiful memories have been captured in these pictures. It made me tear up looking at them.

  4. Lacy Lazenby:

    These are so awesome Hillary! Thank you so much! We can’t wait to see the rest.

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